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What do you think of Joan rivers on life support?




She is particularly ignorant and vile. She has said many horrible things in the past, recently that Palestinians deserve to die. I won’t be sad if she dies. At all.

And you know that’s really fucked up to say . How would you feel if someone told you to kill yourself ? You sound like a hypocrite . Nobody deserves to be told to die .

You are aware I never “told” her to die or kill herself, right? You’re putting words in my mouth here. I said I wouldn’t be sad if she did die. I don’t know her, and she has said many cruel comments in the past that have made me dislike her, so why would her dying upset me? There’s a massive difference between saying you wouldn’t be sad if somebody died and saying people deserve to die, yet here you are defending the person that said the latter…

Do you get upset when somebody you don’t know dies? Doubt it.

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Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot.

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I just swallowed my vomit. Your spelling, punctuation and grammar is appalling.


If you love true crime, forensics, history or the paranormal like I do I suggest you follow these amazing lovelies. Most share up to date news and banter.

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I’ll post more in due time. Enjoy!

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Playing Love 

Music from The Legend of 1900 composed by Ennio Morricone

Take a piano. The keys begin, the keys end. You know there are eighty-eight of them, nobody can tell you any different. They are not infinite. You are infinite. And on these keys the music that you can make is infinite. I like that. That I can live by.
Nineteen Hundred (via 54mm)

Person: I just choked on air.

Me: ohh, must have been a ghost dick.



Video: Nick Offerman Recites Some Profound Shower Thoughts [gifs via]